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Hair dryer is tripping the circuit breaker

Hair dryers of early '70's were only 750 watts (about 6 amps). Then in the '80's hair dryers were upgraded to 1000 watts (8 amps), 1250 watts (10 amps) and then 1500 watts (12 amps). In the mid '90's they got even more powerful with 1875 watts (15 amp).

Most homes built before the late 1990's only have a 15 amp power circuit feeding the lights and outlets in several bedrooms and the bathroom. The newer hair dryers are rated at 1875 watts at 125 volt which equal 15 amps. The newer 15 amp hair dryer simply maxed out the existing 15 amp circuit wiring. The fuse or circuit breaker was sized to protect the wiring from an electrical overload and/or possible fire hazard.

Even a newer home with a 20 amp bathroom outlet circuit, you cannot use 2 hair dryers at the same time because most new homes are design with just one 20A circuit for all the bathrooms.

Solutions to Breaker Tripping

There are several solutions to your circuit tripping when using your blow dryer:

1. Getting a smaller wattage hair dryer to draw less power.

2.Turning off all the other electrical loads and lights on the that circuit when drying your hair.

3. If these free solutions do not work you can call us to wire a new dedicate 20 amp circuit to the area that is used to style hair.


You can not install a bigger fuse or circuit breaker on the 15 amp wiring as it may result in a electrical fire hazard.

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